..:: Members


Guitar, Vocals

Hannes Rebuild

Drums, Vocals

Former Members:

Mario    (Bass, April 05 - August 05)
Dominik    (Bass, one day in August 05)
Julian    (Bass, September 05)
Oli    (Gitarre April 05 - May 06)

..:: History

Initiated in late 2004 by drummer Tobi the band formed by the end of april 05 for the very first time. After three horrible rehearsals and upcoming boredom the first demo E.P. "Eistee" was recorded, filled with seven stolen songs. In october 05 Hannes joined the band. April 06 brought a new Ace: Peacey for vocals.
While doing gigs near and far Suspekt wrote a bunch of own material, hearable on their second demo E.P. "Face Your Enemy" released by the end of 2005.
And expect some more decent PunkRock for the near future: As Punky As You Are - the first full length release !