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03.01.2008   Suspekt is dead !

For today and eternity our new band name is WHITE FLAGS BURNING. We will keep this website online for a while but www.whiteflagsburning.com is our new home. You can also visit our myspace for new sounds !

01.11.2008   B4-Xmas memoirs

At first: Happy New Year, everybody ! You can find some pics of our Gig at the B4-Xmas Festival on the eternel.ch website. The Rapid Rascals also collected some stuff and you can watch some footage at youtube.
We had a nice guest appearance while the Rapid Rascals performed Son Of God that qualified us for this: The ultimate Rapid Rascals friendship clip !
Right now we are planning some gigs for March, April and May. If YOU are able to organize something (Germany, Europe, Mars - wherever!) we would be glad to get some help ! Just write to our e-mail contact address. Thanks !

11.12.2007   Double Live Attack

We are confirming our last two gigs for this year: A support gig for Saxony's Fallobstfresser and something special for some foreign people: We are invitited to take part in this year's B4-Xmas festival presented by eternel.ch.
It will take place on the 21st and 22nd of December in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Would be cool to hang out with some swiss people and maybe even some guys from France !

09.23.2007   Reunion

Hannet and Hannes are back from their six weeks trip to Africa. So we are able to start rehearsing again. Our songwriting doesn't really work as fluently as it should, but we hope to have some brand new stuff to perform live, soon.

08.03.2007   Multimedia

Back from a great Freakstock experience we wanna say "thank you!" to everybody who enjoyed the show - you were an awesome crowd! Thanks also to the Whirlwind Records team who did some awesome work with the Sidestage.
You can watch some lofi-recordings of 4 of our songs on youtube: Neue Republik,Who Is This, Freiheit Nicht, I Surrender.
Our album is available now at the following online-shops: Eternel.ch (Switzerland, France, Belgium...) and Whirlwind Records(Germany - they ship worlwide).

07.22.2007   FS07

We are pretty thrilled to play this year's Freakstock again. The last bandmembers will arrive on Wednesday evening to be prepared for Thrusday evening. We will sell our stuff during and after our gig. Our album will be distributed by the Kultshopp - you can find them at the FS07 all days.
We give out a special recommendation for the PREACHER gig. They will trash the Mainstage as first band (same evening) and will also release their first CD on this day. Don't miss out the Rapid Rascals, too ! Witness the very first Freakstock-Worship-Moshpit ever !

07.04.2007   REALease !

Yes, we have them now - our CDs ! Pressed and sealed and ready to ship worldwide !

06.25.2007   This sucks BIG time !

At first: Sorry to all the guys who witnessed our gig on this year's Freakfest. We had a real bad day with sound problems on stage and a long and tiring trip from Berlin to Cerveny Kostelec. We like to thank all of you for your patience and smiles. Even though we messed up the whole show there was some action in front of the stage - a lot of respect for this support !
We have some weired trouble with our album release. We know that some of you are waiting for our CD impatiently. The album is pressed and packaged for weeks now but got lost in a sort of Nirvana at the pressing plant - this sucks big time !
So we feel sorry for this, too (even though it's not our fault).
Nevertheless also some good news for today: We will play this year's Freakstock again ! Check out the Whirlwind Records Stage, we will be there on Thursday (26th of July). Time: tba

05.27.2007   Official Release-Date !

After weeks of trouble and issues with the graphics for our upcoming full length release the whole thing is now in the pressing plant and we hope to get the discs within the next week. Official release-date is now the 11th of June, but we are sure to be able to send out preorders earlier.
We are not able to offer our 10 bucks package for international orders, because of higher shipping costs. But we will also include a Poster and Sticker in every order ! Click here to order your package today !

03.22.2007   On the road again... !

Our new album will be available in mid april. Until then check out our new stickers and gig dates !

12.22.2006   What's Up ?

While still waiting on our pressed albums we are happy to announce our first show ever abroad. we will play at Freakfest in June and are happy to meet again some cool people from Czech Republic / Poland, having some good food and excellent weather and doing some Punk Rock on stage.

12.22.2006   Meeeeerry X-Mas !

Blessings, guys ! All recordings for our full length release are done and the artwork is nearly perfect. We will have to do the final mix within the next two weeks and we hope to send out the first copies of our album by the end of january / in the beginning of february next year. So stay tuned and check out our Purevolume or Myspace account for three new songs of our upcoming release.

09.27.2006   Hey folks !

Dedicated to our international fans we put this english version up again. Greets to everywhere on this rotten planet !
We are close before the end of recording our upcoming full length release "As Punky As You Are". We do the last vocals next week and will mix and master the stuff for the rest of the next month. We hope to deliver some bonecrushing PunkRock by the beginning of December ! Check back for further information about our recording process...